Kitty and the Purramours

Kitty and the Purramours perform a spectacular array of

music designed for dancers... boogie woogie, swing,

jump-jive, blues and Jazz tunes with tempos suitable for

most popular styles of dance!


The Purramours' first CD 'Music Made For Dancing' was

released in December 2014 and is available on iTunes and

CDBaby. The CD contains a mixture of blues, jive, swing

and features many original recordings composed by Kitty.

Dance tutors from the UK and USA have used the CD for

their dance classes, which include Balboa, Lindy and Shag.


Musicians featured in the Purramours include some of the

UK's finest Jazz and Blues instrumentalists.

Kitty is looking forward to recording a second Purramours

album in the New Year.


Kitty also performs a rock'n'roll set for Jive enthusiasts,

including classic sounds of the 1950's and some of her

original tunes written in the same style of the 50's era.

For specific rock'n'roll events please ask for the setlist:

'Kitty's Good Rockin' Tonight'


Kitty & the Purramours

CD available  here!