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summer shows


04/05: afro world groove @ balabam, tottenham; 10pm

05/05: kitty's trio @ the old library, cardiff  2.30-5pm

06/05: kitty & dj @ revolution bar, stafford; 10.30pm

12/05: sax for fun perform at the vegan fayre, newport market 11am-3pm

13/05: Kitty's trio - hen and chickens abergavenny, lunchtime jazz 1-4pm

30/05: kitty and the purramours - volvo boat races, cardiff bay - 12.30 and 3.30pm


09/06: kitty and the purramours - private booking, powys; 6pm-10pm

21/06: kitty's blues and swing - st peters church, kenfig hill; 8pm 

23/06: Sax For Fun @ the chilli & cheese festival, Basingstoke 11am-1pm

23/06: kitty's quartet - private booking, guernsey 8pm-12:00am


7/8/07:kitty's trio/sax for fun -  Swindon chilli & cheese festival  11:15am-1pm

21/07: kittys music - chilli & cheese festival Guilford 11:15am-1pm

4/5/08: sax for fun - Cheltenham chilli & cheese festival 11:15am-1pm

18/08: kittys music - chilli & cheese festival Winchester - 11:15-1pm